Comic for 2007-02-14


[[Space Frog sings O-Zone's "Dragostea din tei"]]

Rabid: If that's Buck complaining about Space Frog's operatic rugose cone again, I'm going to hang up on him.

Noel: Engarde, touche!
Dr Quickly: Oh that is so cliche!
Noel: Poop.

Rabid: Go on...
Newton Frog: So the cones erred, and I fear your friend is now acting head of the Royal Astronomical Society...

Rabish: Engarde, touche!
Rabot: Boop.
Dr Quickly: Oh that is so cliche!

Rabid: So I single-handedly battled the crazy out of all of you with the secret martial art of garbage collectors, Dung Fu, and the only side effect were these two big green blobs of evil spinach that follow me around. Aren't they cute?