Comic for 2007-03-23


Rabid: I'll take two, please!

Rabid: Argh! All you ever do is sit around and eat my food! Get a job or get OUT!!
Orange Kitten: Mew?
Purple Kitten: Prum?

[[Dr Quickly is wearing a fancy straw boater.]]
Dr Quickly: And you say it was made by your kittens!? I'll buy it at any price for it is a wonderful hat!!
[[Rabid has dollar signs for eyes.]]

[[There is a "SPACE ROCKET" in the backyard.]]
Rabid: You saved your share of the proceeds for this? When do we leave!?
Orange Kitten: MEW.
Rabid: Oh, I see.

Old Bearded Rabid: "Haturday" is the special time each year when the space cats send down new and wonderfully apropos hats to all the boys and girls and men and ladies.

Religionist: But the "Book" clearly states the cats started sending us hats 4000 years ago!
Skeptic: Teleological balderdash! The hats EVOLVED!!
Religionist: But they descend from the heavens on rays of light!!