Comic for 2007-08-06


Rabid: What a beautiful place for our honeymoon!
Rabish: Hoy, a strange illumination from that grotto!!

Rabid: That clanging -- someone's serving salad from a stainless steel salver!
Rabish: Good ears...
<<clong bong dong>>

Rabish: D'you smell that? Fresh onion and a hearty old balsamic vinegar.
Rabid: And a dijon mustard!

Noel: IT WAS A TRAP! I lured you with audio-olfactory recordings into my lair in the heart of a dormant volcano!
Rabish: She's HUGE!
Rabid: There's no salad at all!!

Rabid: Washing seagull poop off a giant supervillain's head is not a typical honeymoon.
Rabish: But the view is great!!