Comic for 2007-08-10


Rabid: What a beautiful place for our honeymoon!
Rabish: Hoy, a strange illumination from that grotto!!

Rabish: Why, it's a gigantic birthday cake!!
Rabid: Neat!

[[The cake is labelled "HAPPY 300TH BIRTHDAY NAME REMOVED"]]
Rabid: What a stupid name! We should ruin this stupidly named person's birthday by eating their entire cake.

Rabish: Come quick! It was a trap! The cake was poisoned with glue!!
Dr Quickly: I'm tempted to stand by and teach you both a lesson about how cakelifting is an immoral practice akin to theft, but I'm in a generous mood and will assist you with this poisonous snake.

Rabid: Sucking the glue out of my system with a snake sure saved my bacon!!
Dr Quickly: You haven't any bacon, you ridiculous fool. Now leave me, as this snake is exhibiting some curious and unexpected properties upon exposure to such high levels of sticky-paste.

Rabot: My workplace would be so disorganized if it weren't for Dr Quickly Brand Adhesive Vipers!!