Comic for 2008-05-16


Rabid: Oh, why did I leave the door open? The zombies got EVERYBODY. I only managed to survive because of my video-game-trained superskills.

Noel: You're not the only one with the video game superskills!
Rabid: Noel! You escaped prison AND zombies!!

Noel: So should we try to rebuild civilization?
Rabid: Are you coming on to me?
Noel: ... yes.

Descendant: The ancient texts speak of a time when one only died once, and the shambling second life was a thing of stories alone.
Bald Elder: Pragmatism prevents us from investigating historical sites.
Beardy Elder: The zombies attack constantly!

Descendant: So apparently this video game just continually spawns new zombies and they've been coming through this door for centuries.

Descendant: I left the door open but loaded a cake-making game instead!!
Beardy Elder: Yay cake!
Bald Elder: Yay!