Comic for 2008-06-11


Noel: May I interest you in a sample sex muffin?
Rabid: From you? Not likely.

Rabot: Look out! Come quickly! The muffins are breeding uncontrollably!!
Noel: Uh oh.

Noel: All the cages open?! This is a disaster!!

Dr Quickly: Well, eventually they'll run out of food and the population will stabilize. What do they eat?

Rabid: ... And that's why we all live in freefall space stations!
Li'l Rabid: Baloney! Freefall happens BECAUSE of gravity! We're not safe here at all!!

Rabid: Son! Where are you going?
Li'l Rabid: I need to see for myself what happened to our planet... and to my MOM!!