Comic for 2008-12-17


Rabid: Well, I guess this crummy planet will have to do...

Rabid: I caught bigger fish back home.

Rabid: Sure, it's fine... but remember that Pizzeria Libretto place, back home? Oh man!
Rabish: Doctor Quickly says we should call THIS place home...

Rabid: I was so sure I packed the third volume! It must be back home.

Rabid: Hey Doc, do you have the third volume of Rising Up and Rising Down? I guess I can wait until we get back home.
Dr Quickly: You know, we're not going to go back, right?

Dr Quickly: GCU An Occurrence on Owl Creek Bridge crash-landed. You non-essential crew have been in a sim while I try to stave off life support failure.
Rabid: But surely we'll be rescued by our sister ship, GCU Unforshadowed Twist Ending!!