Comic for 2009-06-26


Li'l Beefy: How did you become King of the Faerie?!

Dr Quickly: Helping out!!

Dr Quickly: When I was your age I set out, like you, to find the secret Faerie Kingdom spoken of in my most treasured tales.

Dr Quickly: Deep under the city, a perilous journey... as you well know!

Dr Quickly: There I met the Faerie King. I went on a quest for him, and became his heir.
Dr Quickly: So cool!

Li'l Beefy: Maybe I won't have to go back to those mean bullies and my uncaring parents... A quest...

Dr Quickly: My crown does weigh heavy on my aged head... perhaps...

Li'l Beefy: In the name of the Faerie King, I will defeat you, beast!
Rat: ?

<< SLIP >>
Rat: !

Dr Quickly: Kid, I need to tell you the truth. I just live in the sewers and really love fantasy novels. Kid?