Comic for 2009-08-28


Dr Quickly: Fixed!
Rabish: Wow! Thanks!!

Dr Quickly: Little, ah, complication, had to remove the parts of your brain that care about anyone but me.
Rabish: Huh.

Rabid: My wonderful wife! Restored to her health and beauty!!
Rabish: Uh, hi.

Rabid: Um...
Dr Quickly: Better luck next time, champ.
Rabish: Awwwkward...

Rabid: But! But...

Rabish: It's weird... I never liked you much, but relative to NOTHING it's a mad passion!
Dr Quickly: Love's funny that way.

Noel: Sir! My plant army is ready to return and conquer again!
Dr Quickly: Cool!
Rabish: Hi Noel!

Dr Quickly: So! How many palaces do you want?
Rabish: ... all of them!