Comic for 2010-05-24


Dr Quickly: So I'm loading everything into the rental truck we had to get because our own just broke down...

Dr Quickly: when I realized the kebabs weren't precooked and we're not bringing anything hot enough.

Dr Quickly: Rabid stays behind to cook them, and bring them with the second load (the rental's smaller)

Dr Quickly: We're already serving the weird appetizers when I finally hear from him.

Dr Quickly: 1. The kitchen caught fire from the kebabs, "somehow"

Dr Quickly: 2. The rental truck is wrapped around a pole in midtown.

Dr Quickly: 3. We're going to blow our upcoming health audit, because those appetizers are basically poison.

Dr Quickly: And then -- I see him! He somehow timed his arrival to the worst possible moment!
Noel: No!

Dr Quickly: Yes! My immensely more popular and successful evil twin, my nemesis, SPORTS CHAMP QUICKLY!
SC Quickly: Not a very good job of catering my party, bro!