Comic for 2010-07-05


Dr Quickly: ... 5 July 2005 - "They mean well..."
Noel: Let's see if this works!

Bird: peep peep!

Rabish: Oh no! I better get Doctor Quickly!
Bird: peep!

Dr Quickly: Poor thing - a broken wing!
Rabish: Don't touch it!

Dr Quickly: I'll scoop it up on some cardboard -- but you know, birds don't have much of a sense of smell.
Bird: ?!

Dr Quickly: REALLY you shouldn't pick them 'cause they're FRAGILE.
Rabish: Oh!
Bird: CHIRP!

Rabish: Why not just put it in a cast?
Dr Quickly: ... fine.

Bird: (singing)
Rabish: You're welcome, little bird!

Dr Quickly: That's ... one down.
Noel: This is going to take for-EVER!