Comic for 2010-12-13


Rabid: Okay so it's about, like, a circus strong-man, but, like, dialed up all the way -- he's mega-smart, ultra-tough, and fast as the dickens.

Dr Quickly: So... where's the fun? Is it just adolescent power fantasies, or does he lose his powers all the time as an excuse for a story?
Rabid: No, no...

Rabid: It's the combination of unexpected incompetence and shortsighted venality in his opponents that presents the typical challenge...

Rabid: His challenges are ethical -- his extraordinary force has to be applied in just the right way to succeed.

Rabid: But his real adversaries are, from his perspective, unpredictably amoral... He has to induce and then engage with their ethical systems.

Dr Quickly: ... I'll give you six issues to see if it works. But you can't call him "The Inducer".
Rabid: Ha! "You evildoers make me sick!"