Abdicating Responsibility

Pressed for time and falling behind schedule, a desperate plan is hatched to continue updating the site. Lo, a "best-of" collection is prepared and posted!

Adventure Cave

Let's Play an adventure video game in a cave with treasure and traps and keys and stuff!


What if the Dark Night were a nice person who isn't interested in revenge so much as making sure no-one gets as badly hurt as he was?

Breaking the Fourth Panel

This is a weird series I did where people could write new words in a comic I assembled out of the fourth panels of my own comics. Something like that.

The Circus of Dr Quickly

Nothing quite as fun as a circus! Especially one filled with wonderment.

Classic Transmitter

These are the comics about the characters that the characters in my comics read when they read comics! They are also written in a strange alien language, and read right to left. It's so cool!

Do Learning With Comics

This really deserves to be an ongoing series where I inform you about interesting facts in an entertaining way. There is seriously nothing I like better; just ask anyone who's been at a party with me.

The Earnestness Pill

Dr Quickly tests out a new drug on an entire class of students at an arts college.

Escape Phrase

This was intended to be a 24-hour comic but my hand hurt too much twelve pages in. And then I decided to turn it into a crazy experimental study of the interaction between form and content in the comics medium.


Sometimes I have nothing but old sketches for comics that didn't work, so I post them with self-deprecating commentary. Sometimes I poke fun at the more ridiculous submissions I receive. Sometimes an orange peels itself mysteriously.


Not quite comics, not quite purposeful material. But damned if I'm going to miss an update IF I MISS AN UPDATE I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL CARTOONIST.

Free Comic Book Day

A few years ago I made a whole long form comic and printed it out on business cards to give to people. I'm not particularly interested in repeating that promotional experiment, let's just say that.

Guest Comics

Sometimes a fan of the comic will draw something amazing for me just for kicks! So I run it in place of a comic. Saves me a lot of time. But sometimes famous cartoonists align themselves to my sinister bidding and that's just tops.


When I came back to drawing comics after taking a couple months off (while I ran the Space Crystal story) it was difficult to remember what to do. This story is totally all about that.

High School Is Awful

Did bullies and jerks push you around in high school and make your life sad? Well, you're reading a webcomic. That's not a particularly aspirational demographic. This story will warm the cockles of your bitter nerd heart.

How Big Is Rabish?

A cheerful fantasia in the classic tradition of folk tales. Magic seeds and stuff! Riding birds around for kicks! A tiny bank!

Idle Entertainment for the Nigh-Immortal

When you are very very long-lived, you come up with some pretty strange hobbies.

Living Room

Look, ma! I'm in the newspaper! I had a vivid image appear before me as I fell asleep one night: a terrible comic about boring people. I gave it a shot.

Old Comics

The site started with "cleaned up" comics from my old sketchbooks, which go back almost fifteen years. Eventually I ran out and had to come up with new things! That was a terrifying moment.

Open Mic

The gala celebration for the 500th comic posted. Includes cameos of almost every single character so far.

The Orange Genie

What happens when an orange mysteriously peels itself? The very foundations of the earth shake, for a new World King walks upon the lands.

The Outside World

Paper cutouts and photography. Space Frog is a hand puppet, and he's got scissors.


A 24-hour comic I drew from 10:30am 6 June 2009 to 7:30am 7 June 2009, using suggestions from Patch the Jester submitted 18 August 2008 to 10 April 2009. The first suggestion was picked ahead of time. The rest of the suggestions were printed on cards, shuffled, and used in that random order. No advance planning of the story was performed, nor were suggestions checked more than two pages in advance. The story was sketched first, over five hours, in a sketchbook. Over the next 7 hours, panels and rough sketches were pencilled onto all 24 pages. The rest of the time was spent inking the pages with Windsor & Newton Pitt artist pens in various colours and tips.

Perfect Copy

Is it possible to make a perfect copy of someone? It's debatable. But it's also one of those moving-goalpost sort of arguments. What if there is no waveform collapse?

The Rediscovery of Coffee

A rousing tale of the unearthing of an ancient Coffee Ship.

The Robot Wars

A time travel story. A pretty complicated time travel story. There's a diagram at the end!

Sex Muffins

In a world where the world is a blistered wasteland, a simple breakfast treat has doomed us all.

Space Frog, Detective

Twists abound in this noir detective tale about love gone wrong and schemes gone wronger.

Space Frog, Rapper

You probably thought I would write a little rap here to tell you about this story. You are just going to have to read the story if you want to get some raps!

Summer of Keith

Good old Keith! I used his suggestions, and only his suggestions, for comics all summer long. It was a pretty nice summer.


Somewhere in the dark distant reaches of space is a cosmic hero with glorious pink tentacles. When you are in danger, fix Ultrasquid in your heart and he just might hear you and come to your aid.


A long-running series, maybe the crux of the site. Reader submits a suggestion, and I draw three comics based on that suggestion. Originally all three had to have the same starting panel, but it evolved.