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Hygiene is important despite what the Doctor says

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2005-08-05: Hygiene is important despite what the Doctor says

What kind of bird are you if you can't swim?

Perhaps as a challenge one of you readers could set this to music? For instance, here is this website, played by the flute. Here's Dr Quickly, played by the oboe. Rabid by the clarinet. The bassoon will represent Dr Quickly's horrible smell. The flowers, virginal, by the French Horns. And the wilted flowers by the strings. The book on Rabid's lap played by the kettle drums. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin.

I had the most fun drawing the stink lines. Stinky stinky stink lines!

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[[Dr Quickly has a horrible smell coming from him.]]
Dr Quickly (singing): I'd rather do some math - Than take a cleansing bath - But yes, it's true, there're many things I'd rather do than that!

[[Dr Quickly holds a clipboard with the note "EXPERIMENT STATUS: RUINED BY MY STENCH"]]
Dr Quickly (singing): Don't underestimate - Just how long I'd wait - I'd rather play a baseball game than use a laundromat! - (aside: and I'm not a fan of sports)

Rabid: Ew, Dr Q! You smell... NOT funny.
Dr Quickly: That is because, as a Mad Doctor, I have decided Bathing is Unhealthy!

Dr Quickly (singing): You really shouldn't bathe, lad, it's gen'rally quite bad. - It's a nasty little habit therefore quit and you'll be glad!
Rabid (singing): I regret to say you're wrong, Doc, though I can't say WHY - but hygiene is IMPORTANT STUFF...

Rabid (singing): That's why I bathe in LYE!!
Dr Quickly (singing): 'In lye's a lie, my friend (I've often watched you bathe) - You're being very silly when the situation's GRAVE.

Rabid (singing): I can't say I understand this latest kick of yours - But as of now, you're going to stay outdoors.
Dr Quickly: Fine then, I WILL.
Rabid: Scram, stinky!

[[Dr Quickly strides through a meadow, murdering the plants with his awful stench.]]

[[Rabid is perusing a tome labelled "DICTION AERIE"]]
Rabid (thinking): Ew, THAT'S what lye is? I am NOT GETTING IN THAT.

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