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Two dumb guys at the health centre

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2005-08-09: Two dumb guys at the health centre


It was safe and sensible to draw this in Illustrator.

It was safe and sensible to not draw those guys standing in one place over and over again by hand.

It was safe and sensible to fake out the big box of prophylactics with some of my extraordinary skills at Illustrator-ing. Ha.

Remember to always be safe and sensible (and to use better euphemisms than "hot dog skins", because that's just gross)

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[[Two immature young men are standing in front of a large bin of free condoms in the health centre of their college.]]
Dude One: Dude!
Dude Two: I know, man, that is seriously, like, a BIG NUMBER of condoms.

Dude One: Totally! I've never SEEN so many condoms... uh, at once...

Dude Two: Sure, sure! But yeah, that... wow. Should we take some? I mean, like, we're supposed to... and they're for free.

Dude One: Yeah, I guess... but I dunno, man... you know how you always forget to have one with you when you need one?

Dude Two: Oh yeah... and when you have one you never need it! I totally see where you're going with this. We should let sleeping hot dog skins lie.

Dude One: Yeah. ... heh, I wonder if having a LOT of condoms increases the effect!

Dude Two: Whoa, you mean like some sort of... reverse action?

Dude One: Yeah! We better get out of here before it's too late! There's no telling how far it, like, can...


[[The first dude has disappeared!]]
Dude Two: Oh no! It's true! I gotta get...


[[The condoms sit, alone and undisturbed in the health centre.]]

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