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Escape Phrase 73

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2006-07-19: Escape Phrase 73


Sorry about the downtime, folks. Somehow I forgot to include "ifup eth0" in my init script. HA HA HA HA it's true.

Anyway, here continues the horrible expository infodump. You'll thank me, I'm sure.

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Escalavator: Each of the Powers has a space Beyond that is safe from your influence. Q built his behind a set of Walls. H built hers behind the Third Door. L built his behind a Socket. I don't know where the last space is.

Jimothy: A socket? Is that code for something? The other places make sense... but we've been in them, so... Anyway, where are they? What sort of place is the Beyond?

Escalavator: It's a space outside the Narrative, that's what she told me. Jimothy, you choose the frame the Narrative takes on.

Tsamantha: And my power controls what is inside the frame?
Escalavator: Yes, exactly. Together the two of you define the entire universe.

Jimothy: So then how are we destroying it?

Escalavator: You... you weren't ever supposed to know who you were. Q thought it would expedite things, or that it was clever. He was a fool.

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