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Escape Phrase 74

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2006-07-21: Escape Phrase 74

That's enough of that

I think Escalavator has said more than enough. Yes.

Incidentally, there are transcripts on the archive pages. I've been rather forthcoming with details and explanations on them; if you want the Pure Experience as I Intend It (ugh) then avoid them, but if you want a few extra clues, feel free to read them close.

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Escalavator: The originals, the Fantastic Four, the fundamental forces, they’re not people, and they're not gods like a Creator. They're living avatars of a transcendental organizational scheme. Our world is, like any world, described perfectly as the tension between fact and faith. The four make up a rubric of total meaning that is both superimposed and underlying. They are the manifestation of the impossible answer to the Only Stupid Question: "Why?"

Escalavator: You two, H told me, are similar. You are manifestations of a post hoc rationalization, a method of explaining all situation and phenomenon. The difference between 2 and 4 is not just your power, it's that you 2 are subconcious emergent properties that are inherent and undirected.

Escalavator: The Creator who placed us all in his work is another thing altogether. Q claimed to have been formed in His image, for various reasons and with various justifications. Regardless, His creation is the 4 and the world they define; the 2 are not part of the Work, not intentionally. Q disagreed and hoped to raise himself to the level of the Creator by drawing the 2 into you, Jimothy, and you, Tsamantha, breathing life into what was previously dumb technique.

Escalavator: The problem is that the 2 are artless, or at least not inherently a creative force, seeing as they are purely descriptive (whereas the 4 define a dynamic and repsonsive system). As you two refine your powers, gain strength, and consolidate your influence on this world, the Intent of the work fades and the Work itself becomes irrelevant.

Lichtenstein: SILENCE!!

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