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2005-09-02: Antislumbversary

Remote updating

This particular comic demonstrates a moral example you should strive to follow! If you have been awake so long you have forgotten you are awake it is very important to not sleep! Ever! Ever ever ever! EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!

This water I am drinking tastes like maybe I cut myself on the glass. Probably that is because for dinner I had rye bread toast which completely destroys the inside of my mouth. Still, it's suspicious and I am not really interested in drinking the rest of this water. PAYPAL ME MONEY AND YOU CAN HAVE THE WATER!!!!

I am totally going to be in Wisconsin when this comic goes live, isn't that neat? I hope it works. I HOPE MY SERVER DOESN'T BREAK AGAIN WHILE I'M GONE.

All the sentences in the news post today seem to be ending in ALL CAPS I WISH I KNEW WHY

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Rabid: Whoa... I've been awake... for like six... or seven years now... I... I wonder if anyone... else knows or realizes... this. Oooh, I'm even expositing... and out loud, to boot.

Rabid: Boy am I tired... doubt I'll... get any sleep, though. Hey, now I'm fore... shadowing...

Dr Quickly, Rabish, Rabot: soo-Prize!

Rabish: Rabid! Today is your anti-slub... anti... ANTISLUMBVERSARY! SEVEN YEARS!! CONGRATS!!

Dr Quickly: Why, I'd wager you've been awake so long you don't even recall the original impetus behind this grand abandonment of the fertile fields of Nod!
Rabot: We are SO PROUD of you.

[[Rabid lies on the floor, asleep.]]
Dr Quickly: Rabid?

Dr Quickly: Hey!



A Beast Emerging From Rabid's Skull: I'm FREE!!

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