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Explosion (breeding)

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2006-12-06: Explosion (breeding)


This one would be better except that I'm really sick. Nevertheless, I tried hard to create something worthy of the fine idea submitted by Shaky Shake aka Crispy Ham who is a fine fine person.

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Rabid: Oh no! What will I do?!

[[Rabid is reading "The sexual practices of MONSTERS 4th edition revised and expanded".]]
Rabid: No, there's no mention of monsters like us...
Rabish: But we need to repopulate!!
Rabid: For truth! Someone must know how...

Rabid: But all the birds and bees were obliterated along with our home planet!
Dr Quickly: Then you'll have to MAKE DO somehow.

Square-headed monster: No, I think the Holy Story of the First Monsters is an allegory for SPACE TRAVELLING CLONES!!
Round-headed monster: That... that's BLASFEEMEOUS!!

Square-headed monster: Finally I have gained access to the inner sanctum of the Church of the First Monsters!
Rabish: Heyo.
Rabid: Aren't you the "space aliens" guy?

Rabish: Would you like to listen to an audiocassette recording with us?
Square-headed monster: An... AUDIOCASSETTE?! But then... is this a tale of a grim and distant FUTURE or a grim and distant PAST?!

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