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Lying Down (hammock / dandruff)

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2006-12-29: Lying Down (hammock / dandruff)

Oh the pants

Two today to make up for monday's slackitude.

So keep scrolling down!

Drawing them on index cards is kind of fun but they're so UGLY when I do that.

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{{title text: Lying Down (hammock)}}

Rabid: I'm so tired... I'll just lie down here for a minute...

Rabid: ZZZZZ

Rabid: Oh! A beautiful tropical island paradise! I must be DREAMING!

Rabid: Well, whatever. I think I'll "catch some zees" in my radical hammock.

Rabid: ZZZ -- OH!! This dream is much worse! I need to wake up!!

Dr Quickly: The hypothermia is taken care of, but he's herniating his coffee gland trying to wake up...
Rabid: NGH!

 {{title text: Lying Down (dandruff)}}

Rabid: I'm so tired... I'll just lie down here for a minute...

Rabid: WHAT?! The ground is springy and shoots me back upright!

Dr Quickly: Your hunch was right -- this isn't snow at all!! The "flakes" consist of microscopic helical compression springs!


Rabot: This is more embarrasing than explaining my obscene power requirements! I wish I hadn't been built so huge!! Oh how I wish!

Rabot: What part of "SMALLER" sounds like "A REAL BOY", huh?!

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