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Dance Music (Rice-a-like)

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2007-01-10: Dance Music (Rice-a-like)


I wish I could draw roaches like Purcell.

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Rabish: This dance music is SPECTACULAR!!

Rabish: People are so exercised by the throbbing beat that they are throwing confetti!!
Rabid: Also rice!

Dr Quickly: It's not rice! It's BETTER!! It's "Dr Quickly's HIGH-DEFINITION Artificial Rice-A-Like"! Note the silver sheen of electro-quality PERFECTION PLATING!
Rabid: BLEAUGH! This isn't even remotely edible!
Dr Quickly: Not even remotely! Isn't it EXCITING!?

King Rat: We've all been starvin' somethin' fierce since this faux-rice "hit the stage"!!
King Pigeon: We must rise up against th'doctor! STOP HIM!!

Rabot: The security system just obliterated a swarm of attacking rats and pigeons...
Dr Quickly: Ew, gross! Are they all exploded and stuff!?
Rabot: Yeah.
Dr Quickly: Eww!!

King Roach: HA! Bringing th'apocalypse down on 'em heads'll shew THEM for neglecting t'invite ME to the ROYAL COUNCIL!!
King Roach: Good thing I can eat this synthetic rice, since it is the only foodstuff to survive...

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