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Conversation (meteor)

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2007-01-15: Conversation (meteor)

Oh ho ho

The punchline in the news post is that I'm totally on Rabid's side here. At least, if I ever come across people having this conversation I'm totally whipping out my cell phone and pretending to have this conversation.

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Rabid: Ha ha you would NOT believe this CRAZY conversation I am overhearing RIGHT NOW!!

Rabid: This couple is, like, having this passionate self-congratulatory time declaiming the public-interface aspect of cell-phone usage as ANTISOCIAL! Yeah, exactly! Like they just thought of it!!
Rabid: Totally IGNORING the TRANSFORMATIVE aspects of novel communication technology!!

Rabid: Hang on, I'll send you a picture of them with my PHONE-CAMERA!!

[[Rabish looks at the picture. One of the monsters is flipping off Rabid.]]

[[She is in a movie theatre...]]
Rabish: Ha ha oh man the looks on their faces! "HUH WHAT -- ARE WE TRULY AS CAVEMEN AGAPE AT THE FIRST GLIMPSE OF A NEW ELECTRIC GOD!?" Ha ha wow, DIGITAL RUBES!!

Rabid: By the way, how's the movie? HA! I better go CANCEL MY DOWNLOAD!!

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