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2005-09-16: Synthesis

Complexification and suchlike

I was going for a sort of Peter Blegvad thing in the fourth panel, like his Leviathan comic, or more closely the systems of objects in Amateur (see also the Configurable Catalogue of Objects #1 which requires Shockwave or something.)

Pictured are, from my brain, a small piece of dark green felt, a glass eyeball, and a White Rabbit vanilla toffee.

Also, on loan from Karla's brain-collection: a clockwork mouse, a domino (with the 3 and 4 pip faces), and a spool of thread. She also loaned the following that are not pictured: a Nintendo DS cartridge, a bug in amber, a film canister, a snail shell, a single LEGO brick, a sandwich sword, a wrapped piece of gum, a cicada carved from coral or wood, and a type slug of a single character.

(The astute reader should be asking "what Nintendo DS cartridge? what kind of bug? what was in the canister? what was in the snail shell? what size and colour of brick? what colour sword? what flavour of gum, and wrapped in what? coral or wood? what character?"... JUST BE GLAD YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT.)

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Rabot: Emotions make me ANGRY!!
Rabid: Huh? But you're Rabot -- a robot! You're 'Rabot the Robot Rabid'!
Rabot: So WHAT?

Rabid: Well, since when have robots been able to feel emotions?
Rabot: Two answers to that.

Rabot: One: since we've been worth talking to. Two: since the invention of the INTERIOR FINGER!!
Rabid: How does it work? Where is it?

[[An illustration of the inside of Rabot's head, which apparently opens up via a hinge on one side. Inside, what appears to be a human finger, and a number of strange objects labelled as "various emotions".]]

Rabot: I use it to feel my pre-installed set of emotions. Since the finger is quite dextrous, it is able to feel emotions at such a speed that, although distinct, I perceive them as one.
Rabid: Cool -- but why do emotions 'make you angry'?

Rabot: I keep giving myself 'the finger'!!

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