Breaking the Fourth Panel

Breaking the Fourth Panel: +++ATH0

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2007-03-05: Breaking the Fourth Panel: +++ATH0

A submission

This comes from someone I am almost certain I don't know! Someone named ARRG. From Switzerland! That's pretty neat. Sometimes I think I'm the only person reading my comic, but I guess that's not true.

I titled it myself. But I really like the sound-effect / descriptive... bits! It's fun.

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Space Frog: Unsecured wifi devices sure are useful.

<<Ring ring>>
Rabid: Someone is hacking through my phone !

Noel: A certain Rabid hacked the Pentagon
Dr Quickly: Hail to modern piratry
Noel: Using PERL !!

Rabid: It wasn't me
Space Frog: Google says so !

Rabish: Google is never wrong.
Rabot: SPAM
Dr Quickly: Argh ! spambot

Rabid: Then, I was sent to jail, and you wouldn't believe what happened next: -- connection interrupted --

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