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Failure Week Part One

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2007-04-02: Failure Week Part One


Here are some pages scanned right out of my sketchbook so you can see just how hard I work for your pleasure. WORKING SO HARD FOR YOUR PLEASURE, I'M!

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{{title text: Originally drawn 31 Toboctor 2007 as part of "CHOICE" series}}

Rabid: Well? Which one do you CHOOSE!!

Rabish: I mean, you're not seriously going to kill that wiggly little toy dog animal if I choose the book, right? And how is it even possible to "kill" a BOOK?! Do you mean this COPY of it?

Rabid: What? KILL? No! Jeez, no, I said FILL...
Rabish: With WHAT?
Rabid: With... uh, there's a... bag of...

Rabid: Okay. I was HIRED as a CONTRACT KILLER to KILL THIS DOG. And I figured you would pick the BOOK because you LIKE IT SO MUCH and I would be able to kill the dog with a clear CONSCIENCE but obviously I can't because I don't have a clear conscience.

Rabid: I am glad we took the dog shopping instead of killing it.
Rabish: Now it is a tiny SAILOR!

Dr Quickly: Where is that DOG I asked Rabid to FILL for me? with that BAG...

Commentary: Violence against animals is certainly a recurring theme in my comics, from the very beginning... but it's still not something I'm happy to revisit too frequently. It's also a fairly week narrative, relying on the reader finding it amusing that Dr Quickly is as vague in specifying the dog's stuffing as Rabid was in his recollection.

 {{title text: Originally drawn 30 November as part of the "CANNOT" series}}


Dr Quickly: I should NEVER have invented breakfast; it is a waste of time to leisurely sip coffee and read the newspaper!!

Dr Quickly: I think they fell for it! I wish I had remembered my wallet so I could just pay instead of making a scene and running off...
Waiter Slug: Where'd he go? This is gonna come out of my salary...

Space Frog: AGAIN? You're FIRED!!
Waiter Slug: B-but... I NEED this job!


Commentary: It's vaguely amusing to have a callback to the acknowledged fact that Dr Quickly invented breakfast. The work-slug also has appeared in other comics... but it just doesn't look right standing next to Space Frog like that. There are plenty of abject failures like this one in the sketchbook, where I hit four panels and am completely stymied. Also it would have been a pain to draw the fancy background and then pull back for the second panel: would the buildings get smaller? would there be more to draw? Not more to draw! I hate that!

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