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2007-04-30: Non-Starter Starter Panels

Something fun

Here are some starter panels I have decided I don't want to deal with. Oh ho ho! Don't worry, I still like them. Mostly.

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{{title text: SKELETOH! suggests: HEBILEJEBILEJAM!!!!!!!}}

Commentary: I really don't understand this one, but I think I'd like to understand. I want to give it a chance.

 {{title text: Zebrahead suggests: Dr Quickly cries and wears a pink bow. Rabish comes into the room and talks him down, soothingly saying "i'm sure the artist will create an uninspired female version of you too.."}}
Rabish: I'll have you know I was invented by a six-year-old who loves these comics and wanted to help out! And Dr. Q's counterpart...
Dr Quickly: Who's the hotty with the body?
Noel: I AM!

Commentary: Oh, that's nice.

 {{title text: Harlemmmm.... suggets: Dr. Quickly: WHERE ARE MY JUJUBEES? I SEEM TO HAVE MISPLACED MY JUJUBEES.}}

Commentary: Mostly I just don't like calling them that. I like "jujubes" better. It's kind of a non-starter, though. Dr Quickly eats candy?

 {{title text: Ryan O'Ryan suggests: Rabish experiences stomach pains and hiccups bats, rabbish joins a pac-man hunting troupe but gets lost in the maze. Dr Quickly experiences Thailand.}}
Rabish with a bottle: ?
Rabish with a Nintendo DS: I'm more lost than I thought, if there are TWO of me!
Dr Quickly: This khanom chin namya is ACE!

Commentary: I kind of screwed up drawing this one, what with the lack of bats. "rabbish" is playing Pac Man Vs! I don't know. Too cluttered.

 {{title text: zusty! suggests: Everything has a busy pattern on it. It's hard to make out what's what. (I may make this myself.)}}
Somebody: You'll have to speak up!
Someone Else: What?

Commentary: Which happened, it's sitting in the queue. It is kind of too vague as it stands, though. I don't know.

 {{title text: keith Prestwich suggests: An orange peels itself mysteriously}}

Commentary: In what way could an orange peel itself and NOT be mysterious? COME ON KEITH SHOW A LITTLE IMAGINATION! Still, the DOZEN other ideas he's submitted are grand and useful, so we'll hear more from him to be sure.

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