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Free Comic Cards Part Two

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2007-05-09: Free Comic Cards Part Two

The story continues

I wonder if anyone has picked up some of those cards I left at the Beguiling.

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Noel: That accursed strong man ANTLAS is wreaking havoc with my crime syndicate. I must do away with him! BUT HOW?!

[[A sign by the very high cliff reads: "DANGER VERY HIGH CLIFF". Noel pushes Rabid off of it.]]

Rabid: Hey doc -- quick question: How can my super-strength save me from a great fall?
Dr Quickly: Oooh I love riddles! Let's see... super... fall... hmm... hello? Oh! He hung up!

Rabid: My super-strength gave me super-resilience to the fall! Now for revenge against the evil-doer responsible!

Rabid: Take that, evildoer!
Noel: OWW

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