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Blue Jay (Caloric)

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2007-06-18: Blue Jay (Caloric)

Science Irony

Did you know that Dark Matter is causing global warming?

This comic is suggest'd by Woofer and reads "A blue jay gets a bad idea."

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[[A blue jay is surprised.]]
Jay: !

Dr Quickly: AHH MY EYE MY EYE!!

Rabish: Haven't you always wanted to be a cyborg?
Rabot: As an actual robot I find your technominstrelry offensive.

Dr Quickly: What sort of things will I be doing in this mandated "robot sensitivity workshop"?
Noel: Mostly you will be... ELECTROCUTED to evaluate your SENSITIVITY to ROBOT ISSUES.

[[Dr Quickly offers an APOLOGY CAKE.]]
Dr Quickly: I apologize. I had no idea! It is very difficult to spend all the day with powerful voltages coursing through oneself.
Rabot: I find similarly in my study of living things that constant oxidation is pretty rough for a robot to handle.

[[At an OPEN MIC SCIENCE PRESENTATION: "An Inconvenient Truth by Rabot and Dr Quickly".]]
Dr Quickly: It is my firm and scientific belief that the increase in animal pneuma and robot phlogistonic electricity will directly cause a GLOBAL RISE in CALORIC ABSORPTION and thus the ruination of our environment!
Rabot: My belief too!

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