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Blue Jay (Beliefs)

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2007-06-22: Blue Jay (Beliefs)

Drawing a bird

This one is pretty! i can draw pretty. Okay.

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[[A blue jay is surprised.]]
Jay: !

Dr Quickly: Well of course I'll publish your book, you adorable little scamp! How cute!

Rabid: So all I have to do is BELIEVE that I REALLY WANT something -- and it will happen!
Rabish: That's ridiculous. I can't believe you're falling for a dumb bird's self-help scam.
Rabid: I'd lend you a copy to prove you wrong but it says you have to buy it yourself OR ELSE IT DOESN'T WORK!!

Dr Quickly: My little bird friend and I are far too RICH and FAT to care about the consequences of publishing such a book as we did.
Rabish: Society will COLLAPSE!

[[In a post-apocalyptic wasteland...]]
Rabid: I can feel... the luck plane... aligning to my noggin... today I'll find some food... I just know it...

[[In front of Rabid's skeleton.]]

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