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Snub (Power)

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2007-06-25: Snub (Power)

Keith Wins

Now we enter a glorious full summer of Keith magic. This particular comic comes from a suggestion from Keith: "Dr. Quickly creates two robots programmed to snub each other"

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Dr Quickly: These two little fellows have been programmed to snub each other!
Rabid: Fascinating!

[[Being interviewed on TV AND RADIO NEWS TIME.]]
Host: Environmental issues are yesterday's news with Dr Quickly's BRUNCH ENGINE
Dr Quickly: By offering tasty foods, the robots are drawn toward the table -- then mutually repelled when they recognize each other, thus driving a generator with their oscillations.
<<chug chug>>
Host: And now, Rabish with the weather.

[[Rabid is driving a car and listening to the radio.]]
Host: Today's sneer index is a record high of 10.3 kilspurns -- be sure to wear shoes on whose heels you can quickly pivot, people! Now for Rabish with the traffic report.
Rabid: Uh, oh... that engine doesn't sound so good.

[[Looking under the hood while pulled up on the shoulder.]]
Rabid: No wonder the car's busted -- I'm fresh out of Eggs Benedict! I hope the spare picnic basket in the trunk is still fresh.

[[On a spaceship.]]
Rabish: To think we have hoity-toity-ness to thank for opening the gates of the great interstellar diaspora!
Rabid: It's pretty crazy!

First Snub Robot: So secretly we are, we are in love...
Second Snub Robot: No-one must ever know! Society's burden of energy production rests on our shoulders!
First Snub Robot: Oooh, smoked salmon.

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