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Snub (Pizza)

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2007-06-29: Snub (Pizza)


Don't eat too much pizza.

I had to take a long break drawing this one 'cause my hands were shaking. Weird!

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Dr Quickly: These two little fellows have been programmed to snub each other!
Rabid: Fascinating!

Dr Quickly: These ones sing songs to each other about going for walks together.
Rabid: That's so sweet!

Dr Quickly: These ones transform into pizza toppings.
Rabid: Are you sure they are robots and not just pepperonis in hats?

Dr Quickly: The new legislation requires it no matter how silly you look.
Rabot: Is it not transparently obvious I am a robot even without a dumb HAT?!

Rabid: Why do my dimes have hats?
Intelli-vend: It is that they are SMART MONEY

Rabid: The robot pepperoni fell off my robot pizza!
Dr Quickly: Not "fell"! WAS SNUBBED!!

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