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Masked (Love)

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2007-07-27: Masked (Love)

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[[A masked figure makes Rabish uneasy.]]

Mask: Are you not comic strip famous lady monster Rabish from internet?
Rabish: Oh! It -- it hadn't occurred to me that you might recognize me!

Mask: Ah! Ah! Did I cause offense? Oh, I stared so creepily!! Profuse apologies!! My shame! My shame! I admire you so...
Rabish: Please don't be upset! The fault was entirely my own. Allow me to... shall I treat you to a coffee?

Rabish: These last few weeks together with you have been... so wonderful!! The best time of my life. And still, I know so little about you!
Mask: Ah... there is not much to say... Oh! The call! The call! I must go! I am so sorry!!

Rabish: She -- she's gone! In an instant, in a flash... but she left her mask...

[[Many years later at the "Famous Starlets Retirement Home".]]
Doctor: Her mind... it's been years since any cognitive light shone in her eyes... but that mask... it never leaves her side.

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