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Metronome (Bicycle Ride)

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2007-08-13: Metronome (Bicycle Ride)


It's kind of from my idiolect so: the Quantum Beat Interval is the smallest measurable indivisible duration in a musical work. Like, in Row Your Boat it's the quarter note. Usually the QBI is whatever the smallest required notational element corresponds to, even in the most complicated pieces. Satie often composed without measures and thus time signatures, but his work is, for the most part, based on the quantum pulse as the relationships between note durations are still based on very straightforward ratios.

Space Frog's music however utilizes multiple simultaneous and unrelated pulse streams that do not divide evenly into each other. As a result, there is NO quantum beat unit: there is no regular interval on which all the notes fall.

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Dr Quickly: I have invented a metronome that beats in reverse!
Rabid: What good is that? It sounds kind of awful...
<<kot kit kot kit gnib>>

Dr Quickly: If there is music playing that you do not like, simply set the metronome to the same tempo and, voila! Cancellation via temporal negation!!
<kot kit>>

Rabid: Space Frog's music is complex and horrible so I will just set the metronome to the Quantum Beat Interval...

Dr Quickly: His music is invulnerable? I'll just set this blender to "PULSE" and that should do the trick!!

Dr Quickly: Oh no! The time-altering properties have changed the very fabric of the universe!! Space Frog's music is our new undercarriage!!

Rabish: If I had known it was going to be this kind of party I would have stayed home.

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