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Cliffside Distraction (hallucination)

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2007-10-10: Cliffside Distraction (hallucination)


This comic is sort of a funny joke about the brief hypothesis about dream and hallucination in the introduction to Dennett's "Consciousness Explained".

Sort of funny, not sort of about.

Also, apologies to Bubblesandtouche for messing up the idea on monday's comic. Not a cliff, a BUILDING: "Rabid is standing on a tall building, ready to jump when something catches his attention". The title will forever perplex!

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Rabid: Wh-huh?

Rabid: Oh, it is the note I wrote to convince people that my jumping off this building is in everyone's best interests.

Rabid: Huh? Oh, I forgot to get that special hat I must wear to make this occasion a dignified and solemn one.

Rabid: Here I... wait, is it really dinnertime already? I should have a bite to eat first so that I don't have a regretfully growling stomach on the way down.

Rabid: Here goes... huh? There is a lonely kitty here! I should take it to the building's concierge before I do this.

Dr Quickly: Your poor attention span has exceeded the operational parameters of my virtual suicide simulator.
Rabid: It was exceedingly realistic until it stopped being realistic!

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