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New Hat (poop joke)

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2007-10-15: New Hat (poop joke)


I wouldn't be surprised if I've done the old "map is the actual" joke before in the past but maybe at least it wasn't a hat ever before? This is from an EXCELLENT suggestion by nemryn: "Rabish asks Rabid if he likes her new hat." Hopefully the rest of the week will better live up to the great idea.

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Rabish: Do you like my new hat?

Rabish: It correctly predicts planetary motions! And it is a PERFECT representation of our own little planet!
Rabid: Fascinating!

Rabid: A bird is landing on it!
Rabish: How cute!

Rabid: How gross!!
Rabish: The SKY!!

Dr Quickly: What the--can't see a damn thing! Better not roll down a window, though... visibility is shot. I should check the traffic radio station for advice.

Radio: It's time for the PIZZA PIZZA TRAFFIC UPDATE! A giant bird has shit upon the entire city, ensnaring traffic in every direction indefinitely. Guess it's going to be a REALLY long weekend! Hope you stopped for a snack on the way home!

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