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Eat Slower

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2005-11-01: Eat Slower

Not entirely pleased

Seriously, it's like I designed these characters to be as difficult to draw with a nib as possible. I'm slowly improving, though. It's a lot of fun.

That "psychedelic" panel just doesn't look right, even if I make the comic like 400k. Oh well. I'm sure when it's eventually collected in a FANCY BOOK it will look alright.

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Rabid: I sure like chicken fingers!
Rabish: Oh yeah? Well I LOVE them!
Rabid: Why do you always DO that?

Rabish: Do what?
Rabid: When I say something and then YOU say something and then it PISSES ME OFF!!

Rabish: ...

Rabish: What?

Rabid: Oh... ugh... nevermind. Let's go get some... ICE CREAM CATS!!
Rabish: Oh! Yes, please!

Rabish: Yay, Ice Cream Cats!

Rabid: Ooorgh...
Rabish: What? Did you eat it too fast? a cold head-ache?
Rabid: C-cold... head... ache...

[[A "point of view" image of Rabid's cold-headache-infected vision. A psychedelic mishmash of text and image, synaesthetically depicting utter brain chaos.]]

Rabish: Wow, that's a bad cold heada -- NKK!!

Rabid: nnnnnnnnn

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