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24 Hour Comic: The Space Crystal Page 24

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2007-12-28: 24 Hour Comic: The Space Crystal Page 24

i ran out of ideas maybe

So tired by this point I fell asleep while drawing lobster claws and thought I was drawing a cactus. And yeah. Kind of a lame ending. I should point out that it may seem that I've broken my rule of no extra-diagetic text ("MEANWHILE..." and so forth) but that is actually FXRGLTRT using his booming psychic voice. But does that mean he's in league with the demons? TUNE IN NEXT TIME! THE END! FOREVER!!

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Rabid: Look! I got YOU one TOO!
Rabish: AWESOME!

Dr Quickly: Both of you! Hurry! There's an EMERGENCY on the MOON!!
Rabid and Rabish: Aye-aye!!

Dr Quickly: I made your hats special helmets.
Rabid and Rabish: WHEEE!!

Rabid: Wait, isn't this Noel's lunar stronghold?

Noel: You have passed all my tests and now I CURSE you to live in your magic hats forever, and you have to grant wishes!
Rabid: I am shocked.
Rabish: As am I!!
FXRGLTRT: The end!

Devil: I've regained enough strength to mess with people MENTALLY!! That's what's going on now!
FXRGLTRT: ... or IS IT?!

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