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Inedible Performance

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2005-11-08: Inedible Performance

A curious situation

Disregard the art in this one, I was having a bad head day. I'm really not happy with it. Never again shall I hatch (until I get patient enough to do it properly).

But think about this: clearly in the world this is set in, an antisocial art movement has taken the public so by storm that there are televised COMPETITIONS between masters of the form. What relationship between the art world and popular culture would there have to be for something like this to happen? One cannot discount the influence of the Art Crime Syndicate, but there is still an affinity for difficult conceptual art in this world that we don't really find in ours.


Anyway, mull on the comparison, there's some meat under the (painfully didactic) exterior I've drawn here. Clearly I'm not cut out for science fiction.

(Also note the bizarre opening statement Noel makes, in order to avoid using a "3 years earlier, deep beneath the Louvre" box at the top of the panel; that is a narrative technique I'm avoiding in my comics despite it appearing constantly in my sketchbooks)

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Rabish: What are you watching?

Rabid: The semipro antifood cookoffs. How did this get so popular?
Rabish: And how is it that there are actual PROFESSIONAL anti-chefs?!
Rabid: Yeah!

Noel Mauvais: My fellow collaborators in the glorious ART-CRIME syndicate! I am SO happy you could join me here in our secret headquarters deep beneath the Louvre on the eve... of the dawn... of a NEW MILLENIUM!!

Noel Mauvais: Let us join together to make a most NIGHTMARISH form of cuisine and thereby complete the elevation of the 'Chef' to his rightful place as a GOD by denying the 'eater of food' completely!!

Noel Mauvais: Soon, all chefs will strive for INEDIBILITY, and all who hunger will turn to BORING FOOD -- FOREVER!!

Rabid: Bleh, this is disheartening. Let's go out for dinner.
Rabish: We can't...

Rabish: All the restaurants that aren't exclusively 'dinner theatre' can only afford to stay open two days a week -- this isn't one of those days.
Rabid: Oh yeahhh...

Rabid: Good thing high-quality ingredients and supplies are basic consumer items now! Let's stay in and cook from one of my inexpensive cookbooks!
Rabish: Yay!

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