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Needy (battery)

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2008-05-02: Needy (battery)


It's May already? This is crazy. The garlics in the backyard are getting HUGE.

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Noel: Look, I know I mind-controlled you to be my love slave but you're kind of... needy.

Noel: Look, here's a vacwm cleaner for you. Instead of fawning, why don't you clean the grotto-lair?
Rabid: Sounds great.

Rabid: Oh I've got the grotto suction blues! My baby gave my chores that I'm mind-controlled to do... Once I'm done with vacwming I'll clean the kitchen too!

Rabid: Oh no! A cave water electric short!

Noel: Why did the lights go out? Did you finish your chores? Is it paddling time already?

Rabid: Next time either don't mind control me or make sure the battery backup in the mind control box has fresh batteries!

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