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Dangerous Shoes (broadcast)

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2008-07-23: Dangerous Shoes (broadcast)


Be careful what you wish for! Well, from a jerk genie anyway.

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Rabish: You gotta hide me!! These shoes are DANGEROUS!!

Rabid: If they cause you so much bother...
Rabish: Why not get rid of them? They cost me my SOUL!! Check it out, though.

Rabid: It's like your feet have become the sole beacon of light in my nightmare dark life... Oh, oh... those shoes.

Rabot: We interrupt all programming to bring you an important news bulletin! Citizen Rabid has TURNED IN the fabulous shoes!! The shoes and the monster responsible for wearing them are now in a secure detention facility where they will be safe from harm thank goodness.

Rabot: We now conclude all programming forever to broadcast on all channels only ever live footage of the shoes! Thank you and goodnight!

Rabid: Oh man I'm glad I'm taping this!!

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