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Piecake vs. cakepie

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2005-12-13: Piecake vs. cakepie

Hey, how about that topical humour?

(It was my birthday yesterday)

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Rabish: What tasty food you have prepared for us!
Rabid: Wait until you taste the DESSERT!!
Rabish: Oh? What tasty food have you prepared for us?

Rabid: Doctor?
Dr Quickly: Yes, thank you; Rabish, your approximately round-headed friend and I have been working on something QUITE SPECIAL.

Dr Quickly: What makes a cake? Or a pie for that matter? We faced these questions bravely and created a genre and boundary SHATTERING cuisine! For -- what pie is a pie if filled with CAKE? And a cake of layered pie crusts? What then?

Rabid: Here, try a blueberry pie and raspberry pie layer cake!
Dr Quickly: And then try this chocolate cake filled pie layer cake filled pie!

Dr Quickly: NOW! -- this chocolate cake / cherry pie layer cake filled pie layer cake with vanilla cake layer cake with alternating layers of rhubarb pie and lemon chiffon pie!

Rabid: And now try this one here, it's a cake of pies of --
Rabish: HEY
Rabid: -- what?
Rabish: WHERE is the ICE CREAM?

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