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A Divorce (reconcile)

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2008-10-17: A Divorce (reconcile)

Is it a true story?

Some people think there's a real divide between popular culture and intellectual culture. I say, there's just one Culture, no matter if you live on a cosmopolitan General Systems Vehicle or a hick Orbital.

Dr Quickly's slang for his pay may be unfamiliar to those of you who don't handle a lot of United States ten thousand dollar reserve notes.

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Noel: So can I buy out your half of the divorce? I'm not going to use it for nefarious purposes!!
Rabid: Sure! Thanks for explaining again why we did that.

Noel: Now I just have to change the names...

Rabish: I don't understand... my poetry book was so well reviewed but not a single copy sold!!
Rabid: Uh oh...

Dr Quickly: Believe me, I tried. Intellectual and popular culture will never reconcile. That weekly science column was good steady salmon, too.

Noel: Ha ha let me sign a copy of my fabulously popular book for you! It's about a pretty lady wizard who transforms into a talking cat to fight dragons on the internet!!
Rabish: I know. I read it.

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