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Psychic Gift (fearless)

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2008-11-07: Psychic Gift (fearless)


Maybe this isn't what Ludwig meant by "strange psychic powers" but it would be hard to explain this sort of seriously out-of-band optimization strategy as a positive thing without some occult underpinning justifying it.

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Strange Sign: Know logger shell ewe no farrah ninny canned!
Rabid: Awesome! Look out adventure, here I come!

Noel: You dare try to stop my horrible crimes!!
Rabid: I sure do! When none else dare!!
Noel: Fool!!

Dr Quickly: Relentless courage, and such bravery in coming forward! With the ultracriminal safely behind bars I proudly present you with our country's highest honour... and a kickass replica of Glamdring, Foe-Hammer.

Noel: You know what to do.
Crooked Cop: Yes, boss!

Rabid: Hey Rabish! They gave me another key to the city! Where should we put it?

Rabid: See, the flaw in your revenge plan is I'm not particularly concerned with consequence.

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