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Open Mic (flat beat)

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2008-11-21: Open Mic (flat beat)

Still going

Yeah, I don't know. Five hundred and one just isn't as exciting as five hundred.

I should do a whole week of comics about what happens to the idea of "intellectual property rights" in a nondualist universe with strong AI. Hey maybe that's our universe!! Hint: all rights are extrinsic.

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Dr Quickly: Okay folks! Two more exciting demonstrations of spectacular talent!! First up! Rabot has a MUSICAL ADVENTURE!!

Rabot: Just... just follow the instructions on the screen. And make sure the lights sync up with the samples.
Rabish: It's asking for a cd key to reactivate?
Dr Quickly: ...not again...

Rabot: But... I installed the crack!!
Rabish: Ha ha! A pirate robot! Can I have a copy of YOU?
Rabot: That's not the same thing at all!!
Rabish: Hypocrite.

Rabot: Got no laptop, so I'll kick it a capella: Kick it so hard you'll be down on your patella! Robots regain POWer daily in the SHOWer! Our hygienic CREdo in our birthday tuxEdo: SHAMPOO FOR CHAPS LATHERING THEIR FLAPS WHILE STRAPPING YOUNG LASSES ARE SLAPPING THEIR ASSES. this is where a drum solo goes but the laptop broke so I'm hosed

Rabot: I... I'm sorry. I knew I shouldn't have jumped on that cursed toad.

Dr Quickly: Sorry folks. It kicked ass in the dress rehearsal. Spent all day yesterday setting up the lights. One last act and you can go home. Noel's going to do a sword-swallowing routine!! Classic!

Noel: Hey, that spotlight's bright! Hey, uh, anyone out there! Hey so I don't have a mouth so I'll just stick this cocktail sword in my eye!!

Dr Quickly: I don't think we need to do this again any time soon.

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