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Settling with regret (hung)

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2008-12-17: Settling with regret (hung)


It's a real pizza place. Very good.

The sim is running while life support falters? They have lots of nearly free processor power, seeing as how the ship is pretty much made out of computronium. Why they're still shipping living hunks of meat around at that point, well, they have their reasons.

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Rabid: Well, I guess this crummy planet will have to do...

Rabid: I caught bigger fish back home.

Rabid: Sure, it's fine... but remember that Pizzeria Libretto place, back home? Oh man!
Rabish: Doctor Quickly says we should call THIS place home...

Rabid: I was so sure I packed the third volume! It must be back home.

Rabid: Hey Doc, do you have the third volume of Rising Up and Rising Down? I guess I can wait until we get back home.
Dr Quickly: You know, we're not going to go back, right?

Dr Quickly: GCU An Occurrence on Owl Creek Bridge crash-landed. You non-essential crew have been in a sim while I try to stave off life support failure.
Rabid: But surely we'll be rescued by our sister ship, GCU Unforshadowed Twist Ending!!

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