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Seasonal Gift (junior)

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2008-12-26: Seasonal Gift (junior)

Holiday stress

It's been a wild holiday season here in the ChumpCo headquarters. Keys breaking off in locks, presents left on the top of cars, family being stranded in snowstorms, backs being twisted and injured horribly...

But I got a drop spindle! So I can make beautiful yarns. Life is pretty good.

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Rabish: Here is a seasonal gift for you! Wow!
Rabid: Wow!

Rabid: A baby! We're having a baby!! For seasonal gift!!
Rabish: Hurry up and finish unwrapping it!! Poor thing.

Junior: Hi mommy! I made a snake out of drawing on some paper!!
Rabish: That's pretty good!

Rabid: Isn't it suspicious how the baby store burned down right when Junior's warranty ran out?
Rabish: The news says there is evidence of foul play!

Rabid: Junior makes horrible cake!! If only we could return him.
Rabish: It's a very bad cake.

Junior: There's a safety recall on me? This is the worst seasonal gift card my parents ever sent.

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