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Prophecy (horselover)

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2009-01-19: Prophecy (horselover)

Terrible science fiction

There's a big difference between useful and important pulp, like say VALIS, and shoddy unimportant pulp, like say Ender in Exile which I tried to start reading recently.

Then again it must be hard trying to write characters who are Smarter Than Anyone Ever At All, Including Each Other, as opposed to characters who are smart because a pink laser told them to be smart.

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Noel: And then they have to put the dollar on the HEDONIC STANDARD!
Rabid: I don't really read science fiction...
Noel: SPECULATIVE fiction!!

G-man: We, the government, would like to talk to you about your supposedly fictional writing.
Noel: What, my sci-fi crap?

Noel: Heyyy, that looks like a TRUTH EGG like in my story cycle "The Hyperultralon Contribution"!
Truth Egg: Good call.

G-man: Detect the truth, Truth Egg!!
Other G-man: Go go go!

Noel: So it turns out I'm just a lucky guesser and not actually seeing the future.
Rabid: What's the difference?

Dr Quickly: We must harness the power of terrible science fiction with cautious responsibility.
G-man: Can I try the egg thing now?

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