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Forceful Space (jazz)

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2009-02-16: Forceful Space (jazz)

Gold Record

As you can see, musical notation for real jazz is somewhat more complicated than the usual dots-with-mullets thing. Fun fact: I originally drew a Space Oboe by accident and had to fix it in "post production".

By the way, readers: suggest a starter panel! It's a lot of fun and maybe you will have something cool to shew your friends. Who obviously already read this anyway, right? Right? But do suggest a comic. Even if it seems like you've been suggesting comics for months now and I haven't used them: maybe I have a special plan for your suggestions...

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Rabid: Ha ha! Rocketing away!!

Horny: Little monster, your forceful rocketpack disturbs my slumber.
Rabid: Eat it, old man!!

Horny: Instead of reporting you to the truant officer, you will have tea with me in my Space Cave and learn some manners.
Rabid: Balls! I'm too punk rock for this!

Rabid: YOU'RE "Horny Deviltoad", the King of Punk Rock?
Horny: As you grow up, you will discover Punk Rock is useless.

Horny: Let me teach you to play the Space Clarinet.
Rabid: Well... okay.

Horny: That's right! The only truly revolutionary music is BEBOP!!

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