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Municipal Plants (baby steps)

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2009-03-06: Municipal Plants (baby steps)

No Revolution

Yeah, that comfortable middle class is sure standing in the way of an anarchist revolution against corrupt plutocracy. Not that that's the only thing this particular comic is about, of course!

There are a bunch of new people checking out this comic! Hello new people! They came here from Nobody Scores! which is a vast oaken barrel brimful with excellence, so I know you new people already have excellent taste yes flattery.

And to assuage your fears: there is a strong continuity in my comics but you really don't need to pay any attention to it because all the comics are way out of order and overlapping. Every now and then I do a week-long story but even then you might need to draw a chart.

Relax and soak up my harmless, friendly, perfectly safe ideas with your unguarded brains.

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Rabish: Did you SEE the municipal election results?
Rabid: Oh, no! Did those fascist plants win?!

Rabish: They're going to ruin our city...
Rabid: What are we going to do? We'll have to move!

Rabid: Nothing's changed! All that storm and stress about the vicious selfish politics of the plants...
Rabish: ... And they're just as compromised and ineffective as any other political movement.

Rabid: Why did you lie to us in your editorials? The plant creatures aren't evil!!
Dr Quickly: Oh, so because your life isn't any worse yet, they're doing a good job?

Rabish: Ha! The paper fired Dr Quickly and apologized for his "polemic screeds".
Rabid: Serves that troublemaker right!!

Rabot: It seems like every week I get another order from the City Council to turn up the "police brutality" setting.

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