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Hat Gang (scoob)

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2009-03-27: Hat Gang (scoob)

The twist

The "Scooby Gang" sure gets sent up a lot. I put in some serious brain time to come up with a novel twist.

Doing research for these last couple comics, looking at Archie comics and watching Scooby-Doo episodes... they really put no danged effort into their backgrounds, eh? I tried to emulate that in these and it just makes me feel lazy.

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Rabot: Take that you creepy ghost lurking scary M.F.!!

Rabid: Well! It looks like The Ghost of Haunted Mine was actually Old Man Quickly!!

Rabid: Ha ha I'm a ghost!! Check me out!!
Noel: Is he still breathing?


Cop: Centre of mass, baby! I shot the danged ghost! The chief is gonna KISS me!!

Dr Quickly: I'm just glad I recovered in time to give my testimony. Hopefully that vicious gang will be locked up for years.

Ortolan: How does it make you feel that the ringleader, Rabid, is unable to attend the trial due to his injuries?

Dr Quickly: I'm glad I don't have to see him, frankly. He'll get what's coming to him. I have faith the trial will be fair and just.

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